One very important basic rights of a person is his religious liberty which entails more than the freedom to choose a set of beliefs. This right also includes the freedom to ponder upon, communicate and take necessary actions towards what they choose to belief in as well as meeting and establishing religious organizations with people of similar faith or belief system.

Nonetheless, this right has not been evenly meted out as various individuals, churches and religious establishments are constantly confronted with restrictions in the expression their faith in their respective societies. With over 70% of the world’s population living in countries where critical restrictions are being placed on religious liberty either by the government or individual groups, an increasing number of people get harassed, killed and forced to flee their dwellings as a result of their choice of belief and expressions of these beliefs.

Recently, people have come to the understanding that genocide usually results when a religious population is being discriminated, oppressed and denied their basic human rights especially if the government makes no effort to curb these oppressions. It is obvious that no government would render any form of support to its religious population if constant criticism and oppression is being received from such government.

For centuries now, Protestants and Catholics in Europe have been killing and persecuting each other; Jews have been facing constant discrimination and just recently, the fear and hatred of Islam has become the order of the day. On the other hand, the conflict between Shiites and Sunnites in the Middle East has had Christians suffer the corresponding consequences and even become the target for attacks from Islamic groups most especially the ISIS. Africa, especially Central Africa is not exempted from this religious hostility as Christians and Muslims are constantly engaged in hostile conflicts in these regions.

The Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion of the United Nations have explained that religious violence have been on the rise in over 40 nations of the world as a result of inadequate support and justification from the government. When religious groups have their liberty attacked by other groups other than the government, they resort to revenge in a bid to protect themselves if the government does not do so. This ends up fueling the conflict rather than bringing it to an end.

Choose to support those who have been denied adequate support by their governments on the grounds of their beliefs. Help them fight a fair fight for freedom by donating to their cause today.