help children

We are a non-profit charitable fund with a single goal — to help the world. Our main priority is to provide a safe future for the generations to come. Today the humanity faces a range of challenges which threatens the very existence of our kind. How can we build a brighter future, when the present is so dark and terrifying? Developed countries choose not to pay attention to the problems of the “third world”, but every day these problems get more serious.

There are more than one billion children in the world who lives in poverty. They suffer from the lack of basic necessities like food and water or place to sleep. Poverty limits children’s opportunities in life, makes them suffer and feel unwanted by this world. But they shouldn’t be forsaken. We can make their future bright again, help them become someone significant and fill their lives with happiness and meaning.

Many people in the world have to fight for their survival. Right now, our world suffers from dozens of wars. War brings death and destruction. People suffer from terrible losses, they have to leave their homeland in order to survive. Some decide to stay and rebuilt their homes. Life during and after the war differs from the normal peaceful life. The future of a whole nation can be at stake. Saving people from wars may change their lives for the better and it is one of our main objectives.

We all live on the planet Earth and we all depend on its «health»: the state of the environment. Environmental problems are not the things that can be postponed indefinitely. We must understand that our planet is our home and it needs help. Our help.

There are people in the world who has to fight for their beliefs. There are countries in the world which doesn’t respect the fundamental liberty of their citizens to choose what to believe. People of any country deserve a chance to live the lives they want, not being afraid of getting in prison or injured. We can help them achieve that.

Years ago, it was ecology what brought people together. Today we have to work all as one to try to bring peace to the world. It’s what each and every one of us can do. We can improve the lives of those who suffer, we can help those who need help and protect those who cannot protect themselves. We consider helping others as our moral obligation to the children of tomorrow.