One major global challenge confronting the 21st century is environmental degradation resulting from human activities. The state of the natural environment is constantly dilapidating and adequate measure have to be taken if our planet is going to be saved at all.

Of all the planets, Earth is the only one deemed fit to sustain human existence with water and oxygenated air as basic elements. Having oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor, carbon dioxide and traces of inert gases contained in its atmosphere, Earth has various cycles that occur on a regular basis to balance the natural link between living things and the environment to ensure life develops properly on it. Without these cycles, it would be impossible for civilization to exist and when they are disturbed, mankind suffers the resulting consequences.

The natural balance of the environment has been greatly affected by advancement in technology as well as exponential population growth across the globe. This distortion comes from human and industrial activities that have resulted in phenomena such as water, air and land pollution, global warming and the spread of deadly diseases to humans, animals and even plants. These consequences have left a lot of living species threatened with extinction and even soils rendered infertile and unable to sustain life on them.

Since no one is exempted from the devastating consequences of environmental pollution, it is our individual responsibility to save the Earth. You can donate today to make your own contributions towards a safer planet so that the coming generations can have a safe place to exist.