The United Nations Children’s Emergency Funds (UNICEF) has explained that children who cannot explore their potentials, participate as members of the society or freely exercise their basic human rights as a result of the unavailability of access to the resources (material, emotional and spiritual) they need to survive, grow and flourish have been categorized as children that live in poverty. Over a billion children worldwide have been found to be in this category.

Children living in poverty usually lack proper nutrition and stand the risk of suffering from chronic malnutrition and stunted growth which have life-threatening consequences. Their chances to get properly educated are usually very slim if they exist at all and they are often susceptible to child trafficking, child labor and underage marriages. Apart from physical effects, children in poverty also suffer emotional consequences of poverty. Poverty affects the basic human rights of the children involved, restricts their expression freedom, threatens their security and destroys their self-esteem.

Although most poor children are usually born into poor homes and in some cases, poor countries, but the issue of poverty among children is a challenge confronting almost every nation of the world (even the developed ones) and requires a global intervention if it is going to be eradicated.

To eradicate poverty among children, they must first be sheltered from the conditions poverty subjects them to and be provided with access to resources necessary for their survival and development. Although certain programs have proved promising in helping these children out of poverty but about two-thirds of them are yet to be reached all over the world.

We can’t save all the poor children in the world all by ourselves, every donation you make towards helping poor children counts. No amount is insignificant because as little as a $5 donation from you can provide hygiene or school kits for a child in Africa for an entire school term; $100 would be sufficient to cover the expenses for a school drop out to acquire vocational skills and $1000 can go a long way in the restoration of a local school and providing educational support to less privileged children.