Denis Zhulin

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Denis was born on time, with a weight of 3950 gr., the height of 53 cm. He did not breathe for 10 minutes, and his heart did not beat. But thanks God he survived. Only six weeks after the birth the child was allowed to go home. By the time he was one year old, Denis was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and he was given disability. At the moment the diagnosis is as follows: cerebral palsy spastic diplegia, mental, verbal and  developmental delay.

The boy is struggling all the time: at 9 months in Nizhny Novgorod, he took a course of acupressure, which gave the result, Denis began to roll over. When he was one year old he was able to sit with support. He was getting massage at home. When he was two years old, he started crawling and began to talk. His speech is slurred. He needs permanent speech therapist classes. He took rehabilitation courses in the city of Saransk Mordovia, and they gave results.

Further, according to the mother:

“In July 2017, the operation was performed in Tula (Ulzibat method), the son started using his heels. He began to walk with the help of a hand. In August 2018 we were in Penza at rehabilitation centre, that we really liked, and a lot of new things happened. The son’s movements’ range improved, Denis wanted to walk. He can walk with help of a hand, but unfortunately he can not keep the balance. In order to achieve the results, Denis needs to undergo rehabilitation courses at least 3 times a year. I hope he will be able to take his first independent steps soon. Doctors say that the child will recover if we continue the therapy.”

Natalia (mother) is raising the son by herself and she does not have money for further treatment, but she believes that there are a lot of caring people that could help her son!

Denis Zhulin, 5 years
Village Umet, Republic of Mordovia
Required amount: 180,000 rubles ($2,720)

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